About Us


Living MRKH was established in 2013 to help raise awareness of the condition in turn supporting those afflicted.

We are devoted to producing an exclusive range of products which is presented with a brief synopsis of the condition and is accessible for you to purchase. With the increased knowledge of the condition it is our aim to ensure MRKH is socially accepted and the pathways more fluid for receiving professional, timely advice.

With our founder's background and experience in the entertainment industry we are ever so passionate and driven about our efforts in the media with our own events and the powerful affects this platform holds. Our work in Music, Dance, Acting and Fashion exist through the inspiration to empower your journey to self acceptance, self belief, inner peace and daily happiness. This is silent support in some ways but we hope you can identify with our work visually and audibly to inspire you to truly smile from within. Look out for our shows and listen out for our debut album. 

Through our charitable avenues we look to support the specialist hospitals with their costs for supporting MRKH on a professional medical level along with initiating outreach projects to those in need of our knowledge in other countires.

Where the medical field is knowledgeable at this stage, The Genesis Research Trust raises money for scientists and clinicians who are researching the causes and cures for conditions which affect the health of women and babies. We endeavour to fiscally support their efforts to give everyone the chance of a healthy family through their breakthrough research.

In time it is our aim to support positive changes to the surrogacy law in the UK, making this pathway easier for those on their journey to parenthood. 

Our Founder - Tabitha Taya

Growing up Taya was an aspiring dancer and model, at the tender age of 15, Taya, a young girl preparing to sit her GCSE exams was diagnosed with MRKH. Three months prior to Taya’s diagnosis, tragically, her mother passed away due to a rare form of cancer - Sarcoma. Life as she knew it had changed, missing the strength of her mother, but gaining inspiration from the love and support from her strong network of friends and family, Taya began to understand her affliction and the implications it would have on her life.

Taya was inspired to organize a support group for MRKH to ensure young women going through this journey were not alone however the aftermath of these two events left Taya in a state of shock unable to successfully complete her vision at this stage. Her love for modeling and dancing became her savior. She quickly realised she wanted to be involved with productions which supported a greater cause; at 15 years old Taya began modeling for Waynes World of Fashion which supports Breast Cancer Research, she still models for them to this day. Throughout Taya’s modeling career she has worked with many local businesses as well as taking part in beauty pageants including Miss Bath and Miss Great Britain International World.  Later events at the age of 19 saw her moving to London to co-direct a children’s entertainment business - TayAshon Entertainment which brought joy to many children and their families. TayAshon Entertainment worked alongside The Soul Project which was aimed at engaging young people in positive activities to promote social inclusion.

Whilst on this pivotal journey of self discovery, Taya realized her passion lay with the two events that impacted her life and her vision for supporting other people with MRKH is still very much at the forefront of her mind.  It is with this passion which saw the creation of LivingMRKH in 2013.  The year 2013 also marks the 10 year anniversary of her mother’s passing which leaves the loss ever more poignant.

Taya’s aim is to help others through livingMRKH and to reach out to you to help raise the awareness.

'Together we can make a difference to young women’s lives and their families.'