How to Get Involved


We are often approached by several media outlets for support in featuring MRKH, if you would like to be considered to feature your story and journey with MRKH please do contact us. We will happily talk you through this process.


As the awareness of MRKH increases so does the strength of relationships amongst the MRKH community. We are continually overwhelmed with the amount of enthusiasm to support our work and everyone living or affected by MRKH. 

If you would like to host your own event in support of our work, our team are ready to listen to your event idea and help make this a reality.Feel free to contact us.Where possible a representative will attend your event to support you on the day.

Your support will help us achieve our aims of supporting further medical research, empower women to live confidently with their MRKH, initiate and manage outreach projects along with advising positive changes to surrogacy law in the UK.


Good Luck and we look forward to hearing from you and supporting your event.