This is the first product launched which has been infused with the LivingMRKH signature fragrance of Calla Lilly. Elegantly created to gently release over notes of rose and floral heart of iris on a bed of citrus floral tones with a complex woody and musk base. Burning for 25 hours to evoke a sense of femininity, female empowerment and strength. This can be purchased here or at any of our awareness events.


Support our LivingMRKH community with our printed enamel badges. £2.00 per badge: To purchase please contact us. These will also be available at any awareness event.


A small collection of hand made products have been made to embody elegance and femininity. To purchase items from this beautiful collection please contact us. There is limited stock available but items can be made to order.

Cologne – Coming Soon

Perfume – Coming Soon