About Us


Our Founder - Tabitha Taya

From the early days until now Tabitha has been commited in helping others. Through her dedication of continual self growth, she inspires others to recognise their own inner strength and power. Tabitha's compassion and enthusiasm for her craft as a yoga teacher at 'Taya Yoga' allows others to feel safe to explore,  grow and evolve to be their best version. 


Early Days

Growing up Tabitha struggled with the passing of her mother at a young age, and a few months later her diagnosis of MRKH. Coming to terms with both of these was not an easy road to endure. Tabitha felt worthless and struggled to find inner peace, leading her down a road of self destruction. Tabitha found escapism through dance, modeling and travel. It was her love for movement through dance and travel that lead her to the path of yoga which has become her savior, providing a healthy way of life, emotionally and physically. 


How LivingMRKH was Created

Ultimately, Tabitha's compassion in helping others grew from her own pain, she didnt want anyone to feel alone or endure the same struggle she did.

Living MRKH was established in 2013 to provide awareness, signpost for professional advice and offer a hub to connect with fellow MRKH women.

From Tabitha's experience there is no one way to help another so the holistic approach for LivingMRKH grew from strength to strength. Offering an exclusive range of products which are presented with a brief synopsis of the condition is designed to raise awareness. With the increased knowledge of the condition it is our aim to ensure MRKH is socially accepted and the pathways more fluid for receiving professional, timely advice. 


The Creation of LivingMRKH Wellness Retreats

Whilst on the pivatol journey of self discovery, Tabitha realised her passion for yoga became her way of sustaining a healthy mind and body to deal with life's struggles. It is here the foundations of LivingMRKH Wellness Retreats was built. Producing quality Wellness Retreat Packages with luxury accomodation at affordable prices, for all to benefit from some well deserved time out. Tabitha's compassionate teachings provide a safe, calming environment to empower your journey of self acceptance and daily happiness.

Yoga is not for everyone but does hold many benefits, Tabitha's focus on the value of each individual being, brings a little support along your path, for a split moment or a lifetime, inspiring yourself to truly smile from within. 


Thanks to Tabitha's constant optimisim and devotion to bring a little ray of positivity and light in the darkest of times, we are able to holistically support the MRKH community. 


'Take your time, heal from within and shine in your own light'