Womb Transplant Media Discussions

With the UK announcement of Womb Transplants Victoria Derbyshire BBC interviewed Tabitha Taya:

Made in Bristol TV channel also interviewed Tabitha Taya the day after the news of Womb Transplant Uk was announced:

What is your view on Uterine Transplantations? In it's current infancy stages we were asked our opinions, here is what our founder had to say:


MRKH Editorials direct with LivingMRKH Founder

Our founders story released in the Daily Mirror 20/6/2013:

Wiltshire times give a preview of LivingMRKH 21/3/2013:


Dilation Therapy on the Screen

We set out to raise the awarenes of MRKH in particular the dilation therapy available for MRKH women. We selected Kelly Smith to bring this project to you via UK national TV Embarrassing Bodies which focusses on the education of medical diagnosis. Watch the MRKH section on Episode 3 series 7:


Working together to raise the awareness of MRKH

At the end of September 2015 it was announced Womb Transplant trials will be accessible in the UK for a select few, Clare Godwin covers this progression in her article in REDonline: 


Tara Hockaday appears on Metro Radio Newcastle, hear the full interview here


Jodie Kiernan ran MBNA Chester Marathon in 2014 and 2015 in support of LivingMRKH and our continued efforts to raise awareness for MRKH. *Thank you Jodie*


Our USA sister Kristen Peterson raises the awareness by appearing on Doctors USA full episode to follow shortly 

Lise Gime of MRKH Norway has her views included on Uterine Transplantation as Sweden announce 9 successful transplantations Read the full article: (have any views have your say by messaging us directly via our 'contact us' page 


With conversations on Uterine Transplantation we take a look at media forums where this has been discussed previously. Thank you to Private Practice staff and producers for raising the awareness of MRKH. Read about the episode


It is a global effort to raise the awareness of MRKH and we are forever thankful for all the media outlets that have chosen to pubish a section on MRKH in a sensitive and positive manner. For the MRKH sisters past and in the future who share their personal journey with MKRH, we admire your courage and strength to speak openly. Together we are not alone and unite stronger as a community.