Wellness Retreats

Thinking about MRKH, does this get a bit too much at times?

Do you feel overwhemed with questions about starting your own family?

Do you ever feel lonely with MRKH?

Are you comfortable with your diagnosis but just need some time out?

Are you a partner, friend or parent of someone with MRKH?


LIVINGMRKH WELLNESS RETREATS are designed to offer a safe environment for you to relax and unwind. A time for you to escape the stresses of daily life to reconnect and recentre your mind and body. An opporunity for you to meet fellow MRKH women finding your inner strength and courage. 


For some journeys with MRKH a lot of time is spent at hospital appointments and around medical jargon, these retreats are purposefully informal, relaxed and welcoming allowing you the perfect downtime you deserve. A little gift to you, to remind yourself you are not just a hospital number, you are a beautiful being, you are enough, you are powerful and your presence on this earth makes a difference. 


Retreats are held within the UK and abroad, and offer accomodation along with a daily schedule of meditation, yoga (specific for MRKH) nurturing food and downtime exploring the local area or group time. This is your time away, nothing is mandatory, follow your intuiton and take part in as little or as much as you would like throughout the retreat. 


Self healing and acceptance play a part in living with your MRKH and what this means for you, we hope these retreats organically support you in your journey of self empowerment letting go of any fears or concerns. Take home all that resonates with you, bringing you the freedom to recognise your inner peace and power to walk your daily path with ease and grace. If nothing else these retreats serve as a little holiday just for you :)


We primarily hold retreats for MRKH women however we realise the importance of partners, friends and family and therefore offer retreats for each of these in seperate groups, allowing specific support to be given throughout the retreat.


LivingMRKH Inclusive Retreats where everyone is welcome. All the same benefits as above but more focussed on enjoying time together in beautiful surroundings.


Should you wish to receive exclusive details of these retreats please send us a message via the 'contacts us' page to be added to the list. 

Retreats will be available post Covid when it is safe to do so.